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Saturday, July 30

today's sec4 farewell! ohman. it was fun((: too tired to write everything in detail. maybe do it tomorrow or smth. ahhhhh. its just GREAT. will miss the sec4s super much! sighs.

Last Updated @ 7/30/2005


Tuesday, July 26

i guess threeBtwo's starting to get stress. by miss kang's and mrs jacob's words. people are beginning to break down. we can do it beetwo!((:

yess. so today had physics test. was quite okay compared to the chem test yest. and there's this book that rachel borrowed. she read it and told deb how nice it was. so deb borrowed from rachel. and today deb kept on telling me and rachel what's happening! i also wanna read pls. and i asked deb to stop telling me alr but she just cant contain her excitement to herself! haha. so she's bringing the book tomorrow((: yeah. BOOK HOGGER! wahahas. theres cca at primary school tomorrow. hope that everything will go well.

stress is the word that describes how everyone is feeling right now.
schoolwork; tests;cca;datelines;tuition;piano exam
i shall not complain x)

Last Updated @ 7/26/2005


Thursday, July 21

at last! i've got the time to come online and blog. finally got the time to breathe slowly. haha. alright. this week is such a stressful week. cant believe i actually survived.
racial harmony day. yucks. throw face pls. i look gross in my green thing. eew. but everyone else looks nice and pretty((: everyone except me. hees` took lots of pictures. i'll upload it soon. when i have the time. by this week i promise. had handbells. quite enjoyable actually. spent my time laughing away. haha
nth much happened. except that we got back our emaths test. i cant believe i actually passed. HAHA. miricle. miss kang said that she din wanna take this mark into ca. and i was like what?! cried and laugh at the same time. its not my fault! i cant control. actually is i laugh until i cry. wahahas. went for chi tuition. came home studied ss then had maths tuition. did amaths.
THIS IS THE STRESSFUL DAY. pe did dance. over and over. had ss test. it was quite alright i guess. just that i din have enough time to complete it! grrr. straight aft ss test was amaths test! our hands were still aching after writing pls. amaths test was horrible. only completed 3 questions. dont even think that they are right. some weird ans. ahhhhh. i HATE amaths. aft sch went primary sch for methodist get together practice with the pri sch girls. they're cute! so small. haha. pri sch girls went home. left with us and mr fong. wanyi huh. stare at hime until eyes wanna pop out alr pls. haha. i had to point at the whiteboard for them. so embarrassing. look like some retard up there. gees. went home. rush throught my chinese articles.
i din bring my chinese articles to school! wahhhhh. can kill myself la. haha. but lao shi say can hand up tomorrow((: yah. played vollyball. its so fun! got back lit test. i got the same marks again. forever getting that mark one. haha. at least not lower. stayed back for maths extra lesson. laugh laugh laugh again. all the gossips abt miss kang. haha. went for tuition then home.

there's photo taking tomorrow! can miss PW again((: wheeees`

Last Updated @ 7/21/2005


Thursday, July 14

thursday's lessons are super boring!
in the morning, belle and clarice dance for us!! omg pls. everyone in class were watching with their jaw dropped!!we kept on shouting encore encore! wahahas. belle did announcements today. at the last part she wanted to say 'that's all for the announcememnts' instead she said 'that's all for the anoghuhgndns' HAHA. laugh like mad. pe played digging for vollyball. quite fun la. more fun than the actual game itself. chem. recess. nic and i were spitting lime juice with our straws on each other. wahahas. lit!! lit is SO fun!! 3b2 got horny! haha. corrupted minds. haha. kept on thinking dirty. HOOHOO. almost gave mrs tan a heart attack. eng. did situational writing. chi. argh. boring as usual. cant stand it pls. forever picking on me rachel and deb. irritating. geog. she let us finish the ipo thing for two whole periods. spent my time laughing again. went for lunch. came back to class to do my hw but belle and clarice kept on distracting me with their sexy moves!! so did a bit only but still handed it up((: handed up ipw too. yup! went home with deb. was doing some stupid action on the way. wahahas. alright. there's like SO many tests next week?! gonna die of stressness pls. ahhhhhhhh.so much hw too. heck la. wait till saturday. hees`

Last Updated @ 7/14/2005


Monday, July 11

lessons were per normal today. miss kang was super sweet to let us have her pc period to play games((: so went to the field to play freeze and melt. wahahas. super tiring i tell you. esp when you are the catcher! haha. went for lunch and found out that mrs wong was kind of piss off cause we did not take the bells out earlier and there's Nlevels oral so we cant take the bells our alr. scolded all of us. asked the committee to stay back and scolded us further. its like only the first day. hais. nvm. we will work harder((: DOUBLY harder as mel chua said. haha. so discussed sec4 farewell. laugh like mad pls. wanyi la!! kept on making me laugh. laugh until i got stomach ache. went for tuition. on the bus laugh even more. wahahas. laugh until i teared! hahaha. went for tuition came home.

Last Updated @ 7/11/2005


Saturday, July 9

its saturday. at last. this week's been moving so slowly. i dont know why. hmmms. everything is over. stress is gone. yeah that's a good thing i guess. got like so much hw to do. eng compre plus summary! yucks. haha. but i better do it or else mrs jacob will start her pointing thing again. wahahas. theres also amaths chi and geog. what are we suppose to do for geog?! ohoh. and there's PW. eew. hate it. blahs. later going changi village to eat dinner((:

wanyi is MAD. about her mr fong again as usual. hahaha. stop getting hyper wanyi!! hees`

Last Updated @ 7/09/2005


Thursday, July 7

today was alright. actually it was better than the rest of the days. mrs jacob din come in so (((: haha. suppose to do compre la but as usual no one did it. din sleep during chinese today! yeah. no one did i think. she was going through our compo so yarr. din sleep during geog too. cause had to do some work which will be graded. ohman. tomorrow's like THE day. which i will officially get back my stupid emaths test paper. and we will know who's in the committee. gees.i want tomorrow to pass quickly PLS.

Last Updated @ 7/07/2005


Wednesday, July 6

my computer is working again((: yeah. my mama rocks! haha. alright. LOTS of stuff have been happening in sch as well as other times. ohman. and we had the ex-co interview today!! was panicking like mad. hands so cold and sweaty. ahhhh. it turn out OKAY. my ans were stupid but its over. yup. oh and i have to say this. i feel like killing myself or smth. there was this emaths test last fri. it was easy! but at the very last 2 mins, i found out that my first two questions are totally wrong!! i read the question wrongly! i was like OMG then started re-doing but not enough time! slaps` and miss kang said that most ppl scored A1's for this test. i will be the LAST in class! this test 40% somemore pls. can kill myself. argh. oh and youth day performance was nice(((: the teachers dint prepare anything! so mean la. and miss kang was angry with us today. cause left 5 more donation cards and no one wanted to take it. so, she just march out of the class. hmmmms. ohwell` OH. and clique is mad these few days. wahahaahs. i mean we are usually mad la but not THIS mad. okay. be back S O O N. x)

Last Updated @ 7/06/2005