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Tuesday, May 31

ahhhh. its been so boring these few days without camp! miss camp totally. hmmms. just came back from school. went into the handbell room for discussion. played the piano and talked abt camp!! got so excited again. haha. kept on going to the canteen to buy food((: before going home met mel and xinni. miss you guys so much!! guess what we talked abt. CAMP! wheees` came home and siti was not in so i was lock out. called clarissa and went to her hse. talked quite a bit. THANKS! and i wanna go sarah's hse! her pool is so cool! alright. shall get started on my holiday hw. groans-

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Sunday, May 29

as i was saying, im gonna blog all abt the sec3 camp today! so everyone prepare to get high and excited!((: here goes`

DAY ONE. 250505
all of us met at the canteen and went to the emmanual hall to assemble. was getting all excited alr. haha. the teachers just had to spot check our bags and NO TITBITS was allowed. i brought twisties pls. so hid it under my shirt with joanna's jacket covering it. haha. super funny. but miss kang did not really check la. so phew` went up to the bus. sang like so many songs. haha. was really high then. went down and met FRADDY((: he was singing along with us. hees` had to pitch up the tents. fraddy helped us. so swt((: got our hands shoes and pants all muddy! cause it was raining b4 that. eeks! nor introduced our instructors to us. it was her and FRADDY!! we dint even know pls. ate lunch. YUMMY. did the rope elements. i did the very first one with xiujuan. was super scary pls. did not dare look down. haha. but we did it! yeahs. belle and nic were the funniest la. they took one hr to do the ring-a-bell element. belle told us nic cried?! i wanna see! haha. NIC! still say wanna bet who cry the most no of times huh. now we tie! haha. fraddy taught us cheers! so cute! ahhh. went back to the tent. they told us we had to take out all our bags again cause they gonna re-arrange us.we were like?!?!?! fraddy got piss off too cause we cldnt find our tents. but in the end used a3's one. ate dinner. the camp food is good man!! better than my maid cook one. haha. did preparations for gala night while the rest did the banner. our grp name is called PANACHE!! whoohoo` me and belle got piss off with someone. so irritataing la. just thinks that her idea is always the BEST. went to bathe at the chalet! but only had 5mins. so rushed through. went back to the tents and slept. me rachel sarah xinni and sherilyn were in the same tent. talked a bit b4 snoozing off. at ard 4am. there was a typhoon! haha. nola. jk. smth close to that. so strong the wind!! everyone in the tent woke up except for xinni! still can sleep with the tent shaking so badly. haha. went back to sleep again.

DAYTWO. 260505
woke up at ard7. went to the toilets to wash up. so gross pls the toilets. got SO many bees flying ard. yucks! ate breakfast. it was good again. haha. din dare to eat so much cause i felt that i needed to shit!! and noone will wanna shit at that toilet! pack up and went changi seasports club! learned to do the strokes for kayaking first. then went down into the water to see if u can float with yr life jacket. haha. rachel's face was like so red and she said it was burining hot. so mel took her to the teacher. they taught us how to capsize. me and belle were the first volunteers to do it la. BUT i dint even volunteer. is belle force me one! haha. it was super fun la. went for lunch. fish and chips! see what i mean when i say that the food was good? yup. went back and we continued to kayak! belle wanted to murder me!. she suddenly just jumped into the sea liddat! scare me pls. then xinni also. so left with me and sarah over there. haha. went back to the shore and capsize again! tried the one person kayak. its much easier! had lots of fun there. washed up and took the bus back. did the gala night dance again and showed the class. dinner. had some trouble showing the rest but in the end it was okay la. went up there to perform. it turned out great! malued ourselves but we enjoyed it((: fraddy and nor were cheering like nobody's business! thanks! watched the other grps perform. some ppl were half asleep alr. haha. went to wash up cause our slippers were like soaked with mud. talk to fraddy for a while and went to sleep.

DAY THREE. 270505
woke up at 6. we packed our bags and how come my stuff was all over the tent huh? haha. went for breakfast. nasi lemak! they gave us some time to pack our stuff. had trouble keeping my sleeping bag. xinni helped me. thanks!! fraddy taught us the wangwang cheer. haha. laughed none stop. had tele match. super fun!! we came in 6th. that's because we dint cheat alright. haha. aft that we were damn high la. but when we assembled to wait for the bus. got a lil sad cause we dont know when we will see fraddy and nor again! fraddy even gave us his precious big bird with he carried ard on his bag! ahhhhhh. went up the bus and asked fraddy if he was going back with us. duh he was not right. rachel asked for his no but he din wanna give! he just waved at us and went off the bus! we were like screaming like mad pls. tears came rolling down my cheeks. and i saw fraddy running towards the bus again but the uncle closed the door alr! screamed at the uncle. fraddy went up and said " you all must miss me okay! do you understand?" we all screamed and shouted " YES SURGENT YES SURGENT YES SURGENTTTTTTT!!!!" now the tears are uncontrollably rolling down. so sad la. other's cried too.read the msg fraddy and nor wrote for us on the board. made us even more depressed. went back to sch. we all were like "I MISS CAMP! DONT WANNA COME BACK TO SCHOOL!" but still. had no choice right. took a cab back with clarissa and deb. deb kept on making me and clarissa cry by saying all the cheers!! went home.


alright. now abt sat 280505`
mama went to collect the report book. got scolded of cause. showed my whole family all the cheers!! haha. still thinking abt camp. in the evening went nic's hse for her party. it rocked. talked abt almost everything. gosspis results camp. did the camp cheers again. memories came back. ahhh. I LOVE TENPOINTZERO!! no secrets among us((:

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AH HA! finally my blog is alive again((: haha. at my grandma's hse now. jo helped me with my problematic blog. yeahs` hmmms. im like super high right now!! thanks to the camp! WHOOHOO. it rocks pls. shall blog abt it tomorrow yarr. cause now jo wats to use the com alr. ahhhhh. PANACHE ROCKS((:

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Sunday, May 15

went orchard with my family. went with my sis to pacific plaza while my parents went to donnoe where. the bag was 24.90 so i brought 30 bucks. i asked my parents to give me more just in case. but obviously, they dint. so went to look at roxy and it was NOT there. went ripcurl. nth nice. so went back to roxy saw this bag which i totally loved. BUT it was 32 bucks. so naturally i looked at my sis hoping she would lend me 2dollars. SHE DINT BRING HER WALLET OUT!! ahhhhh. so called mama and asked her to walke over since she was at tangs which is super near. BUT she said NO. i was like wth la. so i continued standing there hoping for a 2dollar note to drop from the sky. it dint. duh la. grrr. so in the end dint get my bag. but got a mango tee instead. yup so not tt bad.

oh and its lauren's birthday too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY((:

went to church in the morning. watched this cartoon thing. quite cute. i made a new friend!!((: haha. okay. hmmms. spilt into grps to discuss some question thing. went for worship. stayed back to choose the songs for lead singing next week but brandon so long. so dint wait for him alr cause i had to rush to buy deb's present. went holland village to look. bought it alr. hees` hope that she will like it ya. went kovan to return the books. homed.

you said you won't allow us to drift apart.
i'm starting to doubt it.

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Friday, May 13

alrights. i dont know whether to say that today is a good or bad day. had physics test and it was difficult. more diff than the previous one. cme test. it was okay la. needed to use commom sense. cme presentation. miss kang kept on laughing at me! she said i speak funny. hmph. haha. then during eng as it was two whole free periods clique had this extremly serious talk. as in serious. first time we are that serious. made someone cry. we were feeling bad of cause but we just had to tell her. thats what true friends are for right. to be frank with each other. we dint want to talk behind her back anymore cause it will be backstabbing. so we did what we think was right. to tell her the truth. the truth always hurt. but we told her we believe that she can change. she will always have us to rely on. yup. so we did this confession thing. each of us can write abt someone we are unhappy abt. all their flaws and everything. it was quite scary cause you will nvr know when u will get a bad remark. yes. but tt's just what we had to do. to change so that we can all be happy as a clique. yup. aft that i could see that we were closer than before. we bonded and we are happier!:)) yeahs. aft sch we went to play games outside our class at the field. haha. it was damn fun pls! laugh until i got backache. haha. deborah la. kept on making me laugh. played a few games then went with clarissa to see if we cld use the com. we cant! cause they moving donnoe what. went home while the rest went for cca. yups. that's abt it. i think that overall today was a great day! sm(:les

nicoleding` hey nic! dont be too upset over yr lit essay yar. we will help you find it on mon kay. cheer up!((:

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Saturday, May 7

one thing i wanna say;
I LOVE harry mcfly((:
he's just the cutest((: ohman. rachel told me the webbie for some other website and i saw mcfly's that girl video!! almost fainted. ahhhhh. and my stupid com just cant enter the mcfly's webbie. hmph.kepy on saying wanna stay back in sch to view it but until now..haha. and on fri saw mcfly's video again!! at cini. the big screen one. we, actually only me and rachel screamed like hell. the men beside us was having the are-they-crazy look. wahahas. we just cant control la. u cant blame us when u see their cute faces staring at u in the eye. ohman. that's it. you'll just freak. in the good way. hees` harry is SO cool. playing the drums and shaking his sexy body away. ahhhhh. okay i better stop it.

hmmms. nth to blog abt actually. just tt went out on fri. walked ard. took prints. eateateat. bought my mothers day present at last. went clark quay for the mothers day dinner. my WHOLE big family went. 18 of us. some could not make it. i just LOVE clark quay!! its so nice. the atmosphere and all. saw the ultimate bungi too. so scary pls. so super duper high up. all those who took screamed their heads off. haha. i'll nvr try it. NEVER. yes. nth much. today stayed home. did my hw. yups. i guess that's it.


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Wednesday, May 4

i am here to declare that friday is a pl holiday! yeah man. going out with tenpointzero((: like duh right. yesyesyes! so happy pls. no amaths test! whoohoo and i can finally have the time to shop for mothers day gift. house of wax here we come!!

had lit test early in the morning. had to sit outside there all by myself with all the mosquitos flying ard. haha. recess. emaths test. was so piss with myself la. grrr. pe played vollyball. fun(: chem got like so much scolding?! did experiments as usual. the ammonia gas is like =/ dont even have to put it near yr nose u can smell it alr. eew. changed in class half way saw miss gan walking down fm the chem lab. we ALL rushed to the toilet pls. and obviously she saw us. she went into the toilet too! ahhh. but it was so funny la. miss gan is SO cute!ss. mrs tee is back! yeahs. chapel. hmph! so maluating. amaths. miss dolly sim came in to teach. dont understand AT ALL. ohwells` went compass with rachel and sarah. we eat like damn a lot! went kfc. ate 2 crispy chicken. laughed like almost all the time. haha. one piece of my chicken even flew up into the air. wahaha. went library to study but the person said tt we cant do hw in there. so went bk to continue. ate fries but i dint eat la. was busy msging. saw delifrance and i started telling them abt the kaya puff! so went there. ate AGAIN. aiyarr. haha. too hungry. food makes us happy((: went to see the earrings.but dint have the money to buy:( nvm fri shall buy like hundreds of them. haha. rachel bought the mcly mag! rip of the plastic and turned straight to the rumours abt lindsay and harry. ITS NOT TRUE x))) yes! i knew it! hees` home with sarah and we were making pretendence phone calls to mcfly. haha. madness. ahhhhhh. cant wait for fri man. we are gonna rock orchard DOWN!

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Tuesday, May 3

ahhhhhhhhh. annabel just asked me to look at someone's blog. so irritating pls. no sportsmanship at all. lose alr they will blame the judges, the other competitors and everyone else except themselves. why dont they just reflect upon themselves and stop saying that the judges are wrong or tt we are too showy?! read TWO blogs and both think that pl handbellers are too showy and fake? like wth la. they keep on thinking that they dint clinch the gold or gwh award because the judges are not handbellers or the judges dont appreciate SLOW songs like what they played.hello! our chi song is also considered a slow song okay! grrrr. they are just sore losers like what annabel had said.

alright. today was okay i guess. pe had height and weight. shant elaborate. haha.eng mrs jacob walked out on us cause some of them din do their work. ohwell` amaths. recess. ate abby's cake. YUMMY((: thanks again! chi. did zuo wen. emaths. some had to stand outside cause they din do their work. physics. pc was changed to chem test. it was diff. as usual. i just cant seem to get the ionic equations into my brain. went to look for mrs tan and she said i can take my lit test tomorrow during her period((: luckily pls if not i will die. test one aft another. wenta meet up with the sec3 handbellers. discussed smth SO exciting!! cant wait man. its gonna rock* hmmms.

so there's lit plus emaths test tomorrow
geog test on thurs
amaths test on fri.
and i just took my chem test.

one word;

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