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Tuesday, March 29

just came back from handbells 3hrs ago((: lets start from the very beginning. okay. had pe. ran 12rounds again cause we dint see her hiding behind donnoe what. grrr. ran with nicole ding. haha. super funny la. did standing broad jump. so maluating pls. i'll nvr want to do it AGAIN. eng. did some choosing the topic stuff. the teacher is like so err blur?! oh btw its not mrs jacob la. its another new teacher. forgot his name. hees` amaths. got back the quiz. =// recess((: my whole clique had our fav noodles! excpet the extra xinni la eat her maccoroni jia prawn. haha. AS USUAL. sang sarah a bday song. whees` chi got back test pp. did okay i guess. got the same marks as the previous test. no improvement AT ALL. hopeless la me. physics. got back emaths pp. miss kang say she will see if she can give me MORE marks! which i totally need. she gave us back our cme test too. was alright la. haha. then had pc which is the serious talk AGAIN. this tym its abt alienated ppl. hmmms. its super obvious who miss kang's talking abt la. BUT tt person was not in class so nvm. haha. went for handbells. played in the hall. was EXTREMLY hot and stuffy in there. almost died. miss goh and mr fong said we did a pretty good job today x)))) yeahhs! home with huizi and her rubbish as usual. HEHE. there's hse meeting tomorrow. YES! means no piano. hees``

Last Updated @ 3/29/2005


Saturday, March 26

im going to watch a movie later!! wheeees` with rach and melang((: going shopping aft that. my ALL time fav. hobby!

it was a blast pls! it's good fri so went to church first thing in the morning. the service started at 830?! so early. nvm shall not complain(: went out with my WHOLE BIG family to eat at centerpoint.we sat there for 2 whole hrs? haha. luckily got my cousin to entertain me xD went cold storage and home. suppose to do my oh-so-much hw BUT as u noe my hse got a lot of distractions. yups cant blame me((: HAH. excuses. mom ask for my result slip so of cause must show her rite. she saw the FIRST subject only which turns out to be amaths-the worst she started scolding me. say what i nvr go for regular tution lessons?! i GOT!!! grrrr. nvm. aunty came shortly aft tt. saved me` watch the 'first daughter' vcd. its nice la. touching* family plus my aunty went to suntec and mom bought a new digital camera! at last pls. the old one is like so !@#$%^&*. HAHA. went to the chinatown restruant to eat dinner. YUMYUM. we were deciding where to go next so decided to go FULLERTON hotel to eat dessert. omg. the hotel is like WOAH! so grand. no wonder its 6star la. each dessert costs ard 10 bucks or more. the cheapest is 6 bucks which turns out to be english tea!! waahahahs. BUT the desserts were fabulous! like duh rite. alrights. went to fullerton one to see the view. the view was breath-taking pls. with esplanade at the background and the merlion just beside you. ohman. fantastic. stayed there for quite a while. then home. was too tired to even lookat the camera or call melang and rachel to talk abt tomorrow. just bathe and went straight to bed. woosh. YEST WAS THE BEST DAY!!

Last Updated @ 3/26/2005


Thursday, March 24

i just feel like blogging now a days((: so i shall blog whenever im online! which is almost everyday. except tues maybe. okay. had lit first thing in the morning, played this game. HAHA. its fun la. so kan chiong. recess. chi test. it was alright i guess? glad tt its over! socials. did grp work as usual. eng mrs jacob dint come in but had to do TWO compre plus a summary in just two periods?! my head was going to burst alr so most of my ans were rachel's ans((: hees`. pardner rocks! but my summary is like anyhow do one. haha. geog was next. have no idea what mrs wong was teaching cause was secretly doing my summary! shhh. hehe. had the last session on rew. i want somemore!! its so fun pls. sing and watch magic tricks. HAH. at the same tym can listen to God's words((: and of cause can miss lessons! wheee` but tt's not the point okay. went for lunch. then home-ed with xinni. oh and xinni lost her wallet. hope she found it alr ya!*

janice` heys. im so sorry kay. i dint know it was that private to you. but i promise i won't tell anyone about it. IM SORRY.

abby` if u will ever read this. HAPPY PRINCESS ANGELS DAY! wheee` thanks for yr pressie too((:*

Last Updated @ 3/24/2005


Wednesday, March 23

actually today's a stupid day. BUT i still feel happy((: whees` being optimistic here. haha. okay like whatever. had emaths and amaths test today. i'm SURE gonna flunk emaths pls. not even one question i got the ans right. die-ed. and for amaths nth much to say la except tt i HOPE to pass. pls let me pass!! ran 6 rounds ard the field opp our sch today for pe. the field is like super gigantic la?! and we're having napfa there. faints` managed to survive((: HAHA. nth much happened in school. just that i still dont understand why louisa and abby are laughing! its not even funny pls. and annabelle sang the synergize song today!!! its SO nice. was jumping while she sang. haha. i wanna go! their coming back in july. IM GOING. i told my parents alr. wahahahas. madness. there's chi test tomorrow. blahs. and i got piano later but i haven't practice for ages? good luck to me.

Last Updated @ 3/23/2005


Sunday, March 20

just came back from church. today's super funny la. during class esp. haha. the teacher was like asking which is more important. animals or human. everyone obviously knew it was human! but this cute lil` sec one boy shouted ANIMAL! haha. i could'nt stop laughing pls. so funny! and he still din know what we were all laughing abt. he thought he was correct. hees`. suppose to go watch son of the mask OR hitch today but mom din allow. she said tt school's re-opening so have to go back home to prepare?! okay whatever la. there's chi and some other tests coming up this week and i haven even started studying yet. nvm shall study just THE DAY BEFORE the test like always. hehe. half of me wants to go back to school and half of me dosen. if i got a choice i would rather go back to sch to practice the syf songs only and NO LESSONS! that would be nice((: alrights i better stop dreaming and go find my tie. i dont know where i put it!! ahhhhhHH

Last Updated @ 3/20/2005


Thursday, March 17

just finish watching hot chick for the 7th time. haha. i will nvr get tired of tt show!! its super funny! the way he moves and all his stupid gayish actions` hahaha. im so bored right now. shall start on my hw later((: i hope i will get started. hees` rachel cancelled her bbq!!!! ahhhhh.

Last Updated @ 3/17/2005


Tuesday, March 15

just came back from school. i love handbells pls!! its so fun and mr fong is so super funny and nice((: today as usual played the two songs over and over to perfect them. watched the video of us playing again. haha. laugh laugh and laugh. our expressions are like !@#$%^&*. watched the other schools handbellers. hees` mr fong said he wants us to gel our hair on fri?! no way! so eew. and miss goh said tt we must keep our hair from now on so when its syf everyone can TIE it up. i was the 1st one to shout WHAT?! haha. but she's just joking I HOPE. alrights. so polish the bells aft prac and i tot wanyi's hand got rashes! i kinda of screamed? haha. i was going 'WANYI! YR HAND GOT RASHES. HOW HOW?' and mrs wong stared at me like i was crazy. haha. it turned out to be the polishing cloth la. crapp. went home aft tt cause i din have money to eat lunch! im so broke now aft yest. OHYAR.yest went out with wenxin wanyi and desiree. so crapp la. lemony snickets is NICE((: mummy's coming back home today from her staff retreat!! she's bringing back brownies. yeahs` might not be going out with church peeps tomorrow CAUSE i got no money!! but hope tt i can go for rachel's bbq((:*

Last Updated @ 3/15/2005


Monday, March 14

i know melp will be like.
"HUH.why izit still this
im here to change her
template.and obviously.
i screwed it.so.
i need more time yeas.
and i think completing it SOON.
off for now.

;qister -`

Last Updated @ 3/14/2005


Friday, March 11

im having an extreme headache! i feel as if my brain is gonna explode anytime! ahhhhhh. today is alright i guess. lit was the BEST! mrs tan is like my most favourite teacher in the whole world((: she's so funny! chi was boring as usual. i wasen even listening to her x). had cme test. it was difficult! argh. nvm. eng did presentation. amaths me and deb were like holding our bladder cause mrs soh din allow us to go toilet! so mean pls. rachel still kept on doing the shhh-ing sound. almost pee-ed on the spot! haha. had handbells aft tt. we finished both songs alr!! its so extremly nice! so cool((: oh and kristal came back with a big swollen foot. haha. so funny. i cant wait for fri to come so i can see all the syf grps perform! woosh`

Last Updated @ 3/11/2005


Tuesday, March 8

there's 5 kittens in 3b2! haha. actually we are left with 2 la.the other 3 were being adopted. yest clarice brought the 5 kittens to class in the morning. she found them downstairs the hdb flats there unwanted. so poorthing pls. so when i step into class in the morning i heard MIEOW. was so shocked lor. thought i was hearing things. haha. so lessons went on as usual with the kittens mieowing behind. hees` i like vanilla!! its so cute! alrights. back to today. miss kang had this serious talk with our class abt our attitude and stuff. so scary. she say tt she will even call our parents?! ohman. went for heats. b4 tt went to the pet shop to put one of the kittens there cause it was weak. then went macs but din eat. i was too scared alr! yups. proceed to the stadium in two cabs. haha. my relay team came in like last. hais. alrights. nvm. talked with clarissa lauren athalie and rehka. haha. so funny pls. laughed like crazy. hees` home with clarissa. my legs are aching now! so painful!!

Last Updated @ 3/08/2005


Wednesday, March 2

okay yest i blog like SO much but my com just wanted to get hang. so everything was poof* GONE. nvm i shall blog again((:
in the morning our class key was missing. so we were all excited and thinking of what we were going to do when the teacher say who don have book stand. as our books were in the classroom la. our whole class was gonna stand together! so cool right. so united((: haha. so when to change into pe and all. but at the extremly last min at 7.27, the monitresses went to get the spare key from aunty. so we had no chance to proceed with our plan!! haha. mrs lee had a talk on the o's results. so scary pls. me and my clique's IDEAL score is 12points. note the IDEAL. haha. lessons as usual. went for the heats. so scary pls. i was trembling! all my competitiors are like track np netball track mp netball and one table-tennisJANKOK. then im the only HANDBELLER. haha. came in 4th la. me and the a2 vanessa were like heng ah we nvr get in last. haha. so funny pls. okay went to buy a drink. DONT BUY ANYTHING from the serangoon stadium mama shop! so ex one. one bottle of voondo jelly [the small and thin type] cost $2.50?! cheat our money arh! and annabelle say tt the 40cents polo swt there sell $1.10. haha. went to watch the long jump aft tt. i din understand anything lor. donnoe the rules and all. so i was an extra((: hees` but i gave all my support okay! yups. so i was of some use there. hehe. i had fun la!! laughing and supporting. cheryl chiew ran until super cute pls!! haha. can see her run next tues again! heh. alright. tt's all.
it rain in the morning. so din feel like waking up. but of cause i did la. my legs were aching like mad cause of yest. ahhhh. and its still aching. could not even wear my pants. had to sit down 1st. haha. had lessons. actually nth much happened today. ohyar! pardner fell down! haha. now is my turn to laugh at her. but i din laugh as loud okay. im not so mean((: stayed back to do amaths assignment8. carn believe tt i finished it man! haha. alrights still got a geog re-test tomorrow. luckily there's a retest lor if not i can get 4/100. or even lower. haha.

Last Updated @ 3/02/2005