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Friday, November 26

i typed a whole chunk of words here and its ALL GONE. puff`
went to watch THE INCREDIBELS with liang and weiqi. when we went in the show alr started. and we sat at the wrong seat so had to keep on moving to the left. haha the show is GREAT. dash is so cute!! too bad its animated:( haha. okay then there was 3 guys behind us. they like coming for picnic liddat. keep on muching so LOUDLY pls.bring in so much food somemore. haha. went bk for lunch. we were all broke so each of us bought a buger and shared a drink. hees` went heeren. wanted to take neos but we were SO broke until got no money to pay. =/ walked all the way to far east. shop ard 1st level. nth much so went ice lemon tee. saw this necklace which liang named it the ahgogo necklace. haha. its so nice!! but din have the money. weiqi wanted to pierce her ears. eeyer. i think i see her pierce i will cry. haha.. qi liang and elana went to my hse aft tt.. stayed for a while and they went home. had a great day((:
had handbells. played let it snow. the song is so diff pls. kept on getting scolding. hmph. went home with ethel and preethie while the rest stayed to play the sco songs. bathed and had tution. read the supplementary book there. found out tt nicole has the book tt i want!! yeahs`hope i can go out with mama tomorrow cause im broke but she's not((:

Last Updated @ 11/26/2004


Sunday, November 21

went to liangs chalet((: weiqi's mama fetch me there. we were like laughing all the way to the chalet in the car. haha.. reached there. wanted to BOO liang and the rest BUT we BOO-ED the wrong person. we BOO her dad-_-'".. hahha. talked for a while in the chalet and went to cycle.. samantha's my screaming pardner:) hahha. went back to bbq.. act not to bbq is to eat the bbq food.. hees` watched s'pore idol!! omg the room was so noisy pls. everybody screaming and all. rachel!! olinder!! okay. cut the cake. liangs family went back. samantha went back. so left the 5 of us in the chalet. went to cheers to buy the cup noodles. when me rachel and liang went outside the chalet to put the boiling water rite. there was this red shirt man who was drinking beer staring at us. we all were soooo scared pls. liang went in first. when me and rachel knock on the door to go in the red shirt guy was still staring with his drunk face.. EEYER. so we knock faster hoping tt they will hurry open the door. AND elana still go and ask 'who's tt?' so me and rachel were like 'melissa!!' elana still say 'are u sure' wahlao. we so scared alr still ask so much. haha. had a hard tym trying to sleep cause qi elana and rachel were laughing at wad tie bun jokes. gees`
was woken up by elana's laughter when she was going to the toilet. haha. at ard 6 liddat there was this person or 2 people who came and knock on the door and ran away?! crazy. knock two tyms somemore. weiqi and rachel got addicted to X-box. when i say addicted means ADDICTED. every single free tym we have they two will go and play. haha. went to cycle again and they sent me off cause i had to go to school for cca. so had handbells then went home. called tution teacher to cancel tution but she din allow. argh. so i just went tution to sleep((: olinder's out. omg. so sad. but nvm shes alr my idol smiles*
weiqi went j8 to see the s'pore idols!! i wanted to go but mama din allow:( so weiqi called me to tell me who was there and all. i cld'nt really hear her cause there was all the screaming going on. ahhhhhhh. i also wan to go!!.

Last Updated @ 11/21/2004


Monday, November 15

hrms.. its been a whole week since my maid SITI has gone home to vist her family:( been washing the dishes cleaning the tables clearing the dustbins folding clothes and i TRIED cooking but erm ya.. act washing the dishes is NOT that diff ya(: haha.. okay i carn wait for liangs chalet pls!! im so bored at home and im like always alone cause no siti alr. tomorrow i will be alone again.. but theres piano so maybe for 1hour i will not be alone. HAHA.and mama said that i hv to settle my own lunch?! omg.nvm i shall not be lazy and go buy lunch for myself=)) okay the 9 o'clock show is starting in like 30 mins and its the 2nd last episode alr. so fast huh. so shall go watch somemore teevee now.

Last Updated @ 11/15/2004


Thursday, November 11

f l u

c o u g h

s o r e t h r o a t

im sick.

Last Updated @ 11/11/2004


Wednesday, November 10

sneeze sneEZE SNEEZE.. ah-choooooooooo!! tts what i hv been doing this WHOLE entire morning(: i used up the whole tissue box and NOW im starting on the new tissue box.. ohman later still got handbells..hopefully i will feel better by then. i'll be leaving early 4 handbells x).. got to send my maid off to the airport with my mum and sis.. eating dinner there.. so there will be a DUTY timetable thingie and my sis say shes going to put fm morning to night MELISSA. wow im so HONOURED. wahhas. blahs. i hope i hope we will get back in tym 4 the 9 o'clock show pls.. i loooove tt show!! sm:)les*

Last Updated @ 11/10/2004


Monday, November 8

clique minus rachel went to my church.(: rachel din come cause she was sick.. met them at serangoon mrt and took all the way to queenstown. reached church and went to the attic. had a heart attack there.. wahahs. when yile asked them to intro themselves.. omg!! like they forgot their names liddat. hahha.. but BRAVE elana stood up 1st and the rest followed(: had lessons. then went to the worship hall.. laugh and laugh and laugh there. hahhas. mel liang and elana la.. hees`they had to stand up again.. haha.. went to cine to meet rachel.. ate at BK.. we were all like so hungry pls. hahah.. went heeren to take TWO sets of neos. so nice:) walked ard and went home.. at the train station me and weiqi kept on laughing LOUDLY.. hahha.. zhen qing. wahahs.
went to sch..my legs hurt! i donnoe why also.. and on the bus one auntie wanted to stand up and walk to the empty seat behind her current seat. and guess wad.. the bus decided to jerk at tt point of tym and she went tumbling onto the pl-disgusting-stocking teacher. haha.. i was like OMG and covered my mouth. then the boy beside me stared at her with BIG eyes 0_0.. haha. had math lesson. boring as usual.. mel liang din come cause she's sick.. so many ppl getting sick now a days//

Last Updated @ 11/08/2004


Friday, November 5

i want to go swimming! but its been raining these few days.:( but today's not raining and mama don allow me to go swimming!!.. hmph! hahha nvm shall go other tym when its NOT raining.(: yesterday's singpore idol leandra is out..i think tt daphne should be out 1st pls. but nvm onlinder and weiqi's SYL is still in at least..hahas. got so scared when they 2 were in the bottom 3 with leandra. and the 9o`clock show is SO nice!! i like wangtong! she's so pretty pls. and tt yilin is so blahs. hees` okay nth much to blog abt alr..these few days is just lessons and handbells.. tomorrow clique's coming to my church and we will be going out aft tt(: carn wait to go out with clique again!!

Last Updated @ 11/05/2004


Monday, November 1

im so B O R E D ..toking to wanyi now(: shes so cute! hees` okay later going 4 handbells.. ohamn hopefully i won get scolded by the instructor.. HOPES* i just realised tt theres hol hw?! haha.. i forgotten all abt it. nvm this is just the starting of hol so i have to relax((:
had maths extra lesson.. mr kevin teng taught us until 11.15..went 4 'recess'.. came up late and miss ho is alr teaching. when we sat down, began to take out our pencils to copy.. she gave us a test!! we were all like. HUR?! hahhas. but with mel liang ard, we got all correct. smiles* but obviously is copy wan.. rite weiqi! winks-
okay.. there will be lots of handbells prac coming up. BUT on the bright side, i wont be so bored=)

Last Updated @ 11/01/2004