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Thursday, July 31

tOdaY fElT sO muCh bEtTer..cAn sEe aLl oF mY fRenS aGaiN..=)))))))))))..yUpX..1St pEroId wAs eNg..bUT dOnnOe y mRs wOk nEveR cOmE..sO cAn dO oWn tHinGs..i wAs bUsY cOpyiNg mAthS..hAhA..tOo nOisY thEn mIsS aNg wAs nExT dOoR..sHe mAde uS stAnD..aRgH...+cHanGe oPiNiOn aGaiN..i tHink sHe iS oK lAh.. in aLl+ yUpX=)..tHen hAd mUsiC..sAnG nAtioNaL dAy sOnG..oHyAr..4 gOt 2 mEntiOn mEl liAng dId nOt cOme 2 sCh. in tHe mOrNiNg cOzE sHe hAd pIaNo eXaM..sAme dAy aS mE..sIng fIniSh lE thEn wenT 4 pE..i cAnnOt dO..+doC. dOn aLloW+..sO jUz like wAlK aRounD..tHen vAneSsA wOrE wRonG tyPe oF shOrtS..
mIsS nG maDe hEr rUn 2 rOunDs..i pEh hEr ruN hEr lAsT roUnd..+coZe i sOOOoo siAn.. nOthIng 2 dO..+..tHeN tHey plAyEd a gAmE..liKe vEri fUn lAh..bUt sO mEsSy..sO dOn rEallY nOe wAd thEy dOinG yET..i sAW vAnEsSa rUnNinG wIth tHe bAll..i Was liKe gOinG 'jIa yOu jiA yOu'..tHen thE nExT thIng i sAW wAs hEr fAlLinG on hEr butT..i fU hEr..tHeN wEnT tOilEt wIf hEr..cOze sHe sAy vEri pAiNfuL..sHe wAS tEariNg a bIt..='((((..sAw 5A2 dAncInG..hAhA..sO cuTe lAh..
okok.. bAck 2 tHe vAnEssA pArT..+bUt sHe wAs sO chIo loRx..dAnCinG..hAhA+..wEnT tOilEt lE..weNt bIo lAb..lAsT wEeK sUppOse 2 dO wAd pOstEr..tHen mY gRouP hUrrY dO..+lAst mInuTe wOrK..+..pReseNt lE..wOrK likE sHiT..tHeN sHeryL sAy wE gOt 6/10..=X..nVm aT lEasT wE pAsSed..hAd rEceSs..sOOOooo pAiSeH loRx..cOzE 3C1 sAmE rEceSs mAh..tHeN lAst tIme i aNyhoW sAy i cRusH gERmaiNe..plAy plAy oNli mAh..tHen wEiqI wEnT 2 rItE lEttEr sAy i cRuSh hEr?!?!?!?!?
bUt sHe nOe plAyinG onLi lAh..bUt sTiLl pAisEh ..i eAtiNg cHicKeN chOp hAf waY..rAchEl lIm go tAkE mY plAtE aWaY..+cOze wEiqI siTtIng wiF thEm..gOt hEr siS mAh+..sHe gO pUT mY plAtE bEsiDe gErmAinE!!!!!!tHen i wEnT thEre tOok mY plAtE aWaY..+duh!+..tHen thE 3C1 gAlS wEre likE sAyiNg 'gErmAinE'..+sloW mOtiOn..eXtrEmlY loUd..+..waNteD 2 gO uP 2 cLaSs cOzE gOinG lAtE lE..gO 2 tHe sTairS..sAw 3C1 aGaiN..waH..dAmM pAiseH cAn!!!!!!...
tHen oF cOzE wHeN thEy gO up lE thEn wE gO up..hAd pW..rAchEl liM kEEp oN sAyinG thE teAchER..sO kAnA cAlLed uP..hAhA..lAuGh uNtiL nEed gO toIleT..
tErEsa pEh wO..aFt. pW wAs hIstoRy..tT mEanS tEsT..quItE hArD..i nEvEr rEallY sTuDy mAh..hEeX..tHen Was tHe wOrSt pArT loR..-PIANO EXAM-..eVoN n aNnAbEl lAsT miNuTe sAy tHey cAnNoT gO coZe gOt mAthS lEssOn..sO tEreSa..miCheLlE..li yUn weNt wIf mE..i wAs sOOOOOOoooO sCarEd ..sAw pIanO tEachEr thErE..
-moRe sTreSs-..hE saY eXamInEr wAs a fEmaLe..i gRadE 1-3 aLl maLe loRx..tHen sUddEnlY chAngE..hAiS..mY tUrN weNt iN..gReEt wRongLy..sUpPosE 2 sAy gD afTerNoOn..i saId mOrniNg..thEn lAtEr rEliSed lE..hUrrY cHanGe..pLayEd likE dOnNoE waD..iN aLl iT wAs a dIsasTer..nVm..ovEr aLreaDy..jUz hOpE tT i cAn pAsS..+oH yAr..tHanKs 4 pEhinG wO+..kK. gTg lE..~byE~

Last Updated @ 7/31/2003


Tuesday, July 29

tHe dAtE iS wRonG..sUpPoSe 2 bE 30/7/2003..=)

Last Updated @ 7/29/2003


........ jUz dId mAthS..sOooOoo hArD..oHyaR..I HaD 12/30 4 MaTHs TeSt...1ST TiMe IN My LIfE FaILeD MaTHs!!!!!!!!!MaMa ScOLd Me LIKe CrAZy...=(..BuT NvM COzE I DiD SoOOo BaDLy..I tRIeD DoINg THe CoRrEcTIoNs..BuT OnLI NoE HoW 2 Do 4..+CArELeSs MiSTaKeS+..WhOLe KlAz PaSs Up Le ExCEpT Me..So DoNnOe HoW AlSo..ToDAy WoKe Up At 10..MaId SaId 1 FeMaLe TeACHeR CaLlEd Me To ASk HoW Am I..ThINk Tt WaS MiSs AnG..So SwT..ChANgE OpINIoN On HeR AgAiN..HaHa..JuZ NoW ToKe TeMPeRATuRe..35.6..cOZe ThE FaN BlOWInG INfROnT Of Me..HaHaHa..MaMA N PapA SaY CaNNOt On AiRCoN CoZe HaVInG FlU..ThEn SoooooOOO HoT So On ThE FaN LoR..NoT YeT FiNIsH DoINg YeSTeRDAy's H/w..LaTeR ClARIsSa BrINgINg SoMeMOrE H/w..=/..GoINg 2 DiE Le..
ToMOrROw StILl GoT HiSTOrY TeSt..I NoT YeT TaKe My LiT TeST..+COzE WEnT HoMe HaLf WaY+..WeIqI SaY VeRI HaRD..HaIs..StIlL NoT YeT PrACtIsE PiANo..
+LaZy Me!+ OkOk BeTTa Go Le..~BYe~...(LaTeR MaYBe UpDAtE AgAiN..If I HaVe THe TImE)..=)

Last Updated @ 7/29/2003


tOdaY wAs nOt a gD dAY aT alL..gO scH wHolE bOdY aChinG..tHeN eLanA tOucH mY fOreHeaD..sAy vErI hOt..tHen eVerY 1 sTarTed tOucHinG..tHeN aSk mE tAkE tEmpEraTuRe..37.3...*phEw* nO fEveR yEt..dOnNoE hOw mIsS aNg NoE..SaY sHe cAn sEe mY eYeS tEarInG..aSk mE 2 tAkE tEmpEraTuRe aFt. h.E..h.e lEsSoN fIniSh lE +dId sEwinG..mOstlY iS tEachEr dO 4 mE 1...cOzE sEwinG n mE is A hOpEleSs cAsE ..+ wEnT 4 rEceSs..tOkE tEmPerAtuRe aGaiN...38.6...=/..+aLmoSt fAinTed+ tHen mE..wEiQi..eLanA weNt 2 fInD mIsS aNg..+tHeY sAcrIfiCe tHeiR rEceSs..thAnkS!!!+ mIsS aNg gOt a sHocK..sAy i mUz gO hoMe..sO weNt 2 gEnerAl oFfiCe..mRs lEe aSk mE tAkE tEmpEraTuRe aGaiN..37.7...+doNNoe y mY tEmpEraTuRe sO fUnNy..1 tImE sO hiGh thEn 1 tImE oK+..mRs lEe sAy 37.7 iS oKiE..tHeN mIss aNg aSk mE tAkE tEmpEratUrE AGAIN!!!!!tHiS tiMe 37.8...mRs lEe sAy mUz gO hoMe lE..sO caLlED mAiD..bUt nO 1 pIcK uP pHonE..sO weNt 4 rEceSs 1St..dOn fEel lIkE eAtinG..so wHen eVerY 1 fIniSh eAtinG lE..pEh wO gO cAlL mAiD..+gEeX tHanKs!!!!+...tHeN cAlL aLreAdY..wEnT uP tAkE mY bAg...sTupId mIsS kOk dOn aLloW aNy 1 2 FollOw mE dOwN..ArgHHHHH....tHen mEt aNnAbEl n eVoN on tHe wAy dOwN..tHey wEnT pHysIcS lAb..+i tHinK+..i wEnT dOwn cAlL mAiD aGaiN...waItEd oUtsIde tHe sCh. gAtE 4 sOooO loNg..lEgS aLmoSt bReaK..fInallY mAiD cAmE in a cAb..wEnt hOmE sLeEp n sLeEp..
+fRoM 12pm-4pm?!?!?!?!?!+ mAmA bRouGht mE 2 sEe dOc...gO thErE nOt oPenEd=(..wEnT hOme..gO dOc. aGaIn aT 6pm..oPen lE=)..tEmpEratUre iS 38.82..=/
sO doCteR sAy tOmoRroW mc..cAnNoT do pE 4 1 wEeK..dOc. aLso tOlD mE hOw 2 rElaX..+mUz gO bEacH oR pArK..nOt gO shOpPinG oR liSteN 2 lOuD mUsIc+
sO yuPx..i dIn nOe i wAs sTreSs..wEnT hOmE..pApA nAg n nAg..sAy wAd pIanO eXaM coMinG thEn sIcK..hAiS..sO tOmoRroW nOt goIng sCh..mAmA sAy mUz tAkE thIs cHancE 2 pRacTiSe pIanO?!?!?!? i tHoUghT i wAs sUppOsE 2 rEst..nvM..i aLsO vErI sCarEd..=/..bEttEr gO rEst lE..bYe!

Last Updated @ 7/29/2003


Sunday, July 27

Believe in your heart that
something wonderful is about to happen.
Love your life.

Believe in your own power,
and in your own potential,
and your own innate goodness.

Wake every morning with the awe of just being alive.

Discover each day the magnificent,
awesome beauty in the world.
Explore and embrace life
in yourself and in everyone
you see each day.

Reach within to find your own specialness.

Amaze yourself and rouse those around you to
the potential of each new day.

Don't be afraid to admit your less than perfect;
this is the essence
of our humanity.

Let those who love you help you.

Trust enough to be able to take.

Look with hope to the horizon of today
for today is all we truly have.

Live this day well.

Let a little sun out as well as in.
Create your own rainbows.

Be open to all your possibilities,
all possibilities and miracles.

Always believe in miracles

Last Updated @ 7/27/2003


Love is like magic
and it always will be,
For love still remains
life's sweet mystery.

Love works in ways
that are wondrous and strange
And there's nothing in life
that love cannot change!

Love can transform
the most commonplace
Into beauty and splendor
and sweetness and grace.

Love is unselfish,
understanding and kind,
For it sees with its heart
and not with its mind.

Love is the answer
that everyone seeks...
Love is the language
that every heart speaks.

Love can't be bought,
it is priceless and free,
Love, like pure magic,
is life's sweet mystery!

~by Helen Steiner Rice~

Last Updated @ 7/27/2003


Friday, July 25

i fEeL fUnnY tOdaY..dOnnOe hOw 2 dEscrIbE...sO dOn fEeL liKe sAyiNg mUcH...oHyAr...bAdmiNtoN gAlS wOn cHamPion!!!!!!!!~whoOhOo!!!!!!!=)~bYe~

Last Updated @ 7/25/2003


Thursday, July 24

tOdaY wAs qUitE a gD daY..=)mIsS aNg nEveR cOmE tOdaY..aGaiN..yUpX sO eVerY 1 wAs hAppY..OF cOurSe!!!..1St pErioD wAs eNg..mRs wOk cAmE in lAtE..
+coZe tEachErs gOt mEetInG+..sO sHe gAvE oUt sWeEtS 4 tHe DonnOe wAd gAmE..+i wAs nOt tHerE..hElpEd oUt in sYf+..yUpX..sO dId nOt dO muCh..
hAd mUsIc..zzzzzz aLmoSt fAll aSleEp..tHen WaS pE!!!vErI fUn..pLayEd tHe tOuCh rUbbY gAmE aGaiN..hAhA..bUt wAs sTilL fUn...nExT wEnT 2 tHe cOm lAb 4 bIo..mEl aNg hAd sErioUs gAstRiC..sO sErioUs uNtil cAnnOt sTanD uP..sHe wAnTed 2 cRawL oN thE fLooR..=/..bUt sAmmY sAy cAnnOt..sO i wEnT 2 cAll tEachEr
..tEachEr sAe 1 pErsoN sTay tHe rEst gO 4 pw..sAmmY sTayED..wAlkiNg 2 tHe lAb..jOannE tOlD mE tT 2mOrroW gOinG 2 sUppOrt tHe bADminToN pPl!!!!!!!!
yEs!!!!!!!..sHe sAy nO mAthS!!nO liT tEst!!hAhA tHeN saW deLiA hOldIng a vIdIo cAm. dOnNoE wAd sHe fIlmiNg..bUt i jUz cOvErEd mY fAcE anyWAy..
hAd pW..tHen hAd hiStoRy..MIsS aNg nEveR cOmE..tHe h/w iS sTudY 4 tEst nExT wEeK..+of cOzE nO 1 sTudy+..tOo nOisY..unTil tHe tEachEr cOme sColD uS 3 tImeS!!!!!hAhA..aFt wEnT 2 eAt lUncH..weNt uP 2 kLazZ 2 wAiT 4 cAm. mAn..tHey sHooTtinG a vIdiO 4 mIsS tAn..4 hEr fAreWell PreSenT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..oNlI hAf 17 pPl sTay bAck...
bUt wAs fUn...+rEallY mIsS mIsS tAn..mIsS hEr eVeN mOrE wHen oUr tEachEr noW iS mIss aNg..+..bUt nVm..hAd hAndBellS..i dOnnOe hOw 2 pLaY..As uSuAl..
tHen mRs wOng cAmE=/..bUt dId noT sColD..=)..1St tImE...wEnT hOME..cAn'T wAiT 2 gO sUppOrt bAdmIntOn gAlS 2 mOrrOw!!!!!~byE~+bEsT lUcK 4 bAdmIntOn gAlS+tC mIsS tAn..lUv yA..mUaKs!+

Last Updated @ 7/24/2003


Wednesday, July 23

tOdaY wAs a =/ dAy..mOrnInG AtE vItaMiN +i eVerYdaY eAt+ tHen gO 2 sCh i tHinK tHe vItAmiN sTucK oR wEnT doWn ThE wRonG wAY..sOooOOoo pAiN....tHeN
rACh lIm hElpEd mE 2 mAssAgE..+sO kInD+ tHen SAmmY hElpEd mE tOo..bUt hErS sO pAiN..tHen wEnT dOwN 4 AssEmBlY nIcoLe n sHerLy MAssAgE 4 mE tOo
+tHanKs!!=)+tHey aNNounCeD mIss aNg nEvEr cOmE..tHen sAy WaD mOnitReSs hAvE 2 cOlLeCt h/W fRoM mRs lAm..tHen mE n eLanA 4 gOttEn...waNtEd 2 gO
bUt miSs kOk dOn aLloW..sAe chApeL tIme cAnnOt gO anYwHerE..hAiS..sO aFt. cHapEl weNt wIf vAnEssA tErEsA n eLanA..+vAneSsA n tErEsa sO sWt..cOmE wIf uS+..tHEn mE N elAnA sO sCaRed loRx..cOzE 1B1 mOnitReSs sAE tT sHe vEri AngRy..wE 4 gO stAfF roOm..dOn hV..gO AroUnd The wHolE sCh..aLso cAnnOt fInD
..DEciDed 2 sPlIt uP..mE eLanA..vAneSsA tEreSa..tHen lAteR vAneSsa tEreSa fOunD hEr..tHey sAy sHe wAn 2 SeE uS pERsonaLly aT 9.05..=/..tT tIme mE n eLanA kNeW tT We r dEaD lE..So hAd mRs kUmaR lEssOn..dId nOt pAy aTteNtIoN..+coZe tOO sCarED+..tHen 9.05 cAmE lE...kLaz WEnT 4 rEceSs mE n eLanA weNt To sTafF rOom..sHe wAs tHerE..cAme oUt..sTarTed sColDinG..sO sCary..sHe sColD pPl wIll lOoK sTraIghT iNtO y'R eYeS..bUt sHe tOk vEri sOfTelY lAh...sO
oNli tHe lOokiNg inTo y"r eYes pArt sCarY..hAd rEceSs..tHen wAs hIstOrY.. mIss aNg nEvEr cOme..sO wRoTe oN thE bOarD mUz dO wAd..bUt mY wHolE gRoUp Don hV oUr wB..hIstOrY mOniTreSs wEnt dOwn 2 fInd..dOn hV..sO wE juZ plAy n lEarN 4 cHi. tEsT..wHilE eVerY 1 wAs dOinG tHeiR wOrK..=P..hAhA..aFt. hAd pHySicS..sOooO bOrinG..nExT wAS cHi. Tt mEanS cHi. tEst..we oNli gOt aBT 25miNs 2 dO..sOmEmoRe sOoooOOOoo hArd..sO diD nOt mAnaGe 2 dO fIniSh...
hAiS..nVm..tHen wEnT hOmE..gOt qUitE a lOt oF h/W..sO mUz gO dO lE..~byE~

Last Updated @ 7/23/2003


Tuesday, July 22

tOdaY 4 h.E....diD nOt bRinG aPrOn..tHeN sOme pPl aLsO nEveR bRinG..sO tHeY bOrrOweD..bUt i nEveR..=(..sO aT fIrsT cAnnOt cOoK...sHeeNa aLsO..tHen lAteR fOunD sOmE wHitE aPROns iN tHe cUpboArD..hAhA..mRs nAiR sAy cAn..+whOohOo+ tHeN bAkeD cOoKieS..sUppOsE 2 pUt rAsinS..bUt mE n pAm dOn lIkE
..oNlI sAraH lIke sO wE pUt AbT 5 rAsiNs?!?!?!hAhA..sO bAkE lE..sAraH tOoK aLl tHe cOoKieS wIf rAsinS..tHen diviDe eQuAllY..yUpX..+yUmMy!!!+..tHeN hAd rEceSs..wEiQi tHey aLl wErE sIttInG bEsiDe eVoN tHeY aLl..tHey tElL mE eVoN sIcK..+mY jAw aLmoSt dRoP+..tHen i eAt fIniSh lE..gO tOk tOk 2 wEiqI tHey aLl..
sAw eVon..rEallY vEri vEri vEri ...etc..sIck..=(..sHe lIke vERI wEaK lIke Dat..sO sCarY..+hOpe ShE'S aLriGht+..yUpX..aFt. hAd mAthS..sHe dId nOt gIvE bAcK mAthS pp...bUt sHe sAe 10 Ppl fAil!!!!!!!!*sCarEd ScaReD*...hAd cHi..nOw sUlAosHi rEpeAt tHe kE sLowLy lE...sO qUitE unDerStaNd lE...=)...tHen hAd lIt...
mY gRouP +rAchEl lIm.rAchEl tEnG.sAraH nG.mE+ sUppOsE 2 gO uP n pResEnT..sOOOOOOOoooo scArY..mS kAuR aSk sO mAny queStioN..=/..lUckIlY sAraH nOe hOw 2 aNsWeR 4 mE...hAhA...sCh dIsMiSs lIAo..sO aTe lUncH wIf wEiqI n rAch LIm..sAW wEqI'S sIs cRyinG...cOzE bAnD gOt sLivEr..tHey wAntEd gOlD...
bUt nVm lAh..sLivEr quIte gD lE...cHeEr uP k!...aTe tHeN wEnT hOmE..dId nOt sTaY bAck 2 hEaR tHe mUsIc tHinG cOze gOt tOns oF hW...sO bEttEr gO n dO noW.....~bYe~+ bAnD..cHeEr uP k..tRiEd y'R bEsT cAn lE + eVon mUz tAkE cArE k +

Last Updated @ 7/22/2003


Monday, July 21

wEnT tUtiOn jUz nOw..it'S mY worSt dAy sO i wAs eXtrA cAreFul..hAhA..sArAh.nIcoLe n eUniCe aTe lAosHi'S fIg fOoD..tHey AlL sAe vErI nIce..sO i tRieD ..
tHeN TT iNstAnT wHeN i pUt iT iN mY mOutH i WaS lIke =\..sO hUrrY sPiT iT oUt oN tIssuE..haha tHen TheY wErE liKe wAd?!?!?!?!nIcE wAd...i gUeSs pPl hAvE
dIff. tAstE..=) +tOkinG 2 eStHer nOw..sHe rEallY vEri fARnY lOrx..tOk tO hER cAn lAuGh uNtiL dIe..hahahaHAHAHA..+ tHen ThE sUlaOshI tEacH ThE kE SooOoO
fAsT..DonnOe wAd sHe tOkinG..tHeN sOmemOre tUtioN gOt tIngxIe=\...of cOurSe fAil lAh....GoT lIkE 6oF oF 21?!?!?!?!?!gEe ThinK mY cHInEsE fRom bAd bEcomIng wOrsT...+mUz jIayOu+2 mOrroW mAybE sTayiNg bAcK wIf nIc n EuniCe 2 hEar tHe mUsiC ThinGiE...+i dOn eVen nOe Muz lIstEn..lUckiLy tHey tEll mE..+yUpx....kk...gTglE..~bYe~

Last Updated @ 7/21/2003


tOdaY wAs tHe wOrsT dAy oF mY lIfE...1St..mY sTupId cOstUme Was rEallY uGlY..2Nd wHen wE wErE oN tHe wAy 2 The 1sT fLoOr tOilEt +cOzE hAviNg rEceSs+
=coZe rAchEl lIm sAy She wAntEd 2 vOmiT= tHen i TriP oN mY sTupId lOnG sKiRt n fAlL sTraIghT oNtO tHe fLooR..tHen rEaliZed tHerE wAs A cLasS bEsiDe us hAviNg lEssOns...+sOOOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOOO pAisEh+..tT wAs nOt tHe wOrSt thInG..The wOrSt tHing WaS tHis...cOze 1B2 klAz wEre rUshIng fM lAb 2 kLaz cOze gOt raCiAl hArmOny pErfOrmAncE..tHen wEiqI sAe i lEft mY wAlleT oN thE cUpbOaRd iN klAz..sO i tOok iT n pUt iT in mY bAg..pErfOrmAncE fIniSh lE tHen WEnT tOilEt 2 cHanGe..cAme bAck..eSthEr sAe sHe lOsT hEr wAllEt..tHen ShE aSk mE iF i gOt tAke aNot..i Say "nO lAh"+aS i Was rUshIng 4 PianO lEssOn in 10 miNs tIme?!?!?!?!n mY pIaNo eXam iS nExt WeEk..sO thIs lEssOn vEri iMpoRtanT+tHen aT tHe bUstOp tOoK oUt wAllEt..oPen..~HUH?????????????~
i Was LIKe wHosE wAllEt iS thIs..tHen i rEmEmbEreD tT eSthEr gOt samE wAllEt As mE..wAntEd 2 GO uP n gIve hEr..bUt pIanO sTarTs in 5MinS tIme...sO kEpt It...+I CAN JUZ GO N DIE LE!!!!!!!!!!!+...ESTHER"S ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sHe sTill cAn lAuGh wHen rAch tOld hEr..*pHeW* nEveR sColD...hAha lUcKilY eSthEr'S a pErsOn Tt caN 4giVe Ppl eAsilY...=)...4Th bAd thIng..hAd pIanO lEssOn +n wAS 15 miNs lAtE+ i pLayEd sOOOOOoooo bADlY....tEachEr sColDed mE...
tHink i nExt WeEk 4 eXam dIe lE.....hAiZ....dOn FeEl lIke sAyinG anyMOrE....+thAnkS eSthEr 4 nOt bLamIng mE=)+~byE~

Last Updated @ 7/21/2003


Friday, July 18

oMg!!! i cAN't bElieVe tT i cReatEd LInkS!!!!! ~wHooHoo~ dId nOt nOe i cOulD b sOoO sMarT ..hahaha..j/k..i dEciDed 2 cHanGe bAckGRounD ..yuPx...
tHanKs vIviEn 4 tEllIng mE wAd 2 Do!!!haha....oHyAr..oN moN mAybE i nOt wEarIng The lOng lOng 1 lE...hAiZ...mOn dEn sEe hOw 1St....kk...On THe cOm 4 vEri loNg lE...Muz gO nOw..~bYe~

Last Updated @ 7/18/2003


tODay i tHInk iTs tHe beSt dAy mAn...hAhA +cOzE mRs wOk dId nOt cOMe 2 sCh+..n tHen wE hAd 4 pEriOds oF hEr lEssONs..
wHoOhoO!!!+2 pEriOdS eNg 2 pErioDs aRt+ 1St pEriOd waS mAthS...haD tEsT..qUiTe oK lAhx..bUt sOMe qUesTioNs sUpeR hArD=i doInG 2nd qUEStiOn onlI rAch fLIp 2 2nd pG lE...hehe...tHeN mS kOk aSk uS 2 dO eXamPLEs..we nEveR Do sO kaNA sCOLDing..
AGAIN!...tHEn iT wAS eNG +frEe pEriOd+ bUt gOt woRk 4 uS 2 dO..tHen tHe klAz sooOo noIsy..n miss ANg waS juZ neXt dOoR..
sHe caMe ovEr bUt nEveR scOLd uS..+so nIcE+ jUz tEll uS 2 bE qUieT..aFt wAs rEceSs..tHen wAs aRt +fReE pERIod aGaiN+ sUppOSe 2 pAinT y"R sElf poRtRaiTs...mUz pAinT 2 sOmemoRe...pAinTed wIf raCh liM..weiQI...eLanA..n mEl liANg..i pAinTEd 1 oF my fAce oRANge n THe oTHeR bROwN..tUrnED oUt eRr...~hoRRibLe~bUt doN caRE le....tHen hAd lIt..BuT ms kAuR nEEd 2 heLp tHe eLDDs gAls...sO cAme uP 2 oUr klAz..giVE as WorK tHen gO doWn...haha...klAz no tEAchEr aGAin..~yeAh~neXt wAs cHi..dId cOmpO..sO sIaN...wEnT 4 PREfEcT's eLectIon..aTe lUNch thEn wEnt 4 moNitrEss mEETIng wIf eLanA..pLAyEd a gaMe cAllEd err...
i thINk iS entaNgalINg y'RseLf..hAhA oK lAh..quIte fUn..weNt hoMe wiF leE xuAn n auNtiE IrEnE..yUpX..i cOnfiRm wEarIng tHe loNg
sLeeVe sHirT n skIrT..sOOOO hoT..oN moN..cAN'T waIt 2 sEE evERy 1 iN thEiR cOstuMes..haha..shAll sToP hEre..~bYe!~

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Thursday, July 17

toDAy hAd aSseMbLy iN thE cArpArk BuT tHe gRouNd wAs wEt sO eVerYbOdY wAs stANdiNg up...+sO DiD noT gEt a CHancE tO sEe ***+......hAiZ...iS liKE thE wHolE dAy nEVer sEe *** loRx.....nVm...1st pEroId wAs eNg..sOooO lAmE aS uSuaL...hAd muSic Aft.. nOthIng spEciAl hAppEn..tHen It Was pE!!! plAyed tOucH RubY..mE rAcH lIm wEiqI vAneSSa n eLanA wAs iN a tEam...haha..
1st tHerE wAs a 'tEst' ...nOt sUppOse tO DrOp thE bAll oN tHe fIelD iF nOt mUz StArt AlL oVer...sO wE aLl wErE vErI cArEfuL loRx..
tHen sO faRny...haha..nExT We pLayEd tOuCh rUbY..eLaNa wAs tHroWinG tHe baLl 2 mE thEN i Ran n rAn tHen fInaLLy pUt Tt bAll
oN tHe liNe...weiqi n rach Say i rAn lIKe a ChicKen...argh..bUt iN thE eNd wE sTill LosT +notHIng sPecIAl+...tHe sCorE wAs liKe
3- eRr...tHey sCoRed ToO mAnY cAn'T rEmeMbeR...tHeN hAD sCieNce TEsT.....aLmoSt aLl i GUesSinG..so DIe lE....nExT Was rEceSs..
tErEsa tAuGhT mE n ElAna a dIff, wAy 2 ChanGe +dOn nEed 2 Go TOilet+ haha..sO faRnY ...tHEn i THouGhT i nOe le..sO hElpEd elAna...iN tHE enD tHe blOusE Was inSIde ouT...haha...wEnt REceSS wIf nIcoLe n tErEsa....lAuGh n lAuGH..wEnt Up 2 tHe CoM lAb
4 pW..sO dAmM pAisEh...doNNoe hOw 2 Sae...sO dOn SaE...+sOoooO pAiSEh+...aFt tt wAs hIStoRy...noW i ThinK ms ANg quIte
nIce...tOk aBt rAciAl hARmoNy Day...sAe wAd We mUz b tHe bEz klAz iN seC 1 leVel...haha...hAd hiStoRy tHen diSmisSal lE..
hAd luNch WiF rAcH aNNabEl wEiqI mEl chUa n aNNabEl's sIs..sooOocuTe loRx hER siS...haha..thEn eVon cAme n sIt wIF uS...
+gRinZ+ eAt lE wHeN hEarTlAnd wIf aNnAbEl wEiqI mEl chUa aNNabEl's sIs n lEnA...+coZe lEna nOt yEt eAt+ tHeY wEnT 2 eAt
mE n WEiqI weNt giVe a nAmE 2 bUy sTuFf...+sOoo hAppy fiNallY gOt my STUff+ n TheN sAe bYe byE 2 aNnAbEl wEiqI mEl chUa aNNabEl's sIs n lEnA lE thEn wEn hOmE....oH yAr gU zHenG..gUiTar...cHerUbs....hAnDbeLls..aLL gOt gOld...sOooO haPPy 4 thEm
=)..+cOngRatS lI lEnG n eVerY 1+ 2MOrroW gOt maTHs tEst ..noT yeT rEviSE..bEttER dO sO noW..~bYe~

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Wednesday, July 16

today was the most embarrassing day of my life fullstop. nothing more 2 say *speechless*

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